8 Hour Burn Nightlights (Box of 600)

  • £48.00 Ex VAT
    £57.60 Inc VAT
    Ex VAT
    £57.60 Inc VAT

High quality EU made 8 hour burn Nightlights ideal for any bar, restaurant, hotel, wedding venue and more! Dimensions: 37mm (width) x 25mm (height). Provides a clean, odourless burn with a beautiful flame.

Each box contains 12 packs of 50 (600 Nightlights).

Opt for our bulk buy of 60 bags of 50 from the drop down option for additional discount.

12 bags of 50: £48.00 ex VAT (£4.00 per 50 pack)

60 bags of 50: £230.00 ex VAT (£3.83 per 50 pack)

Free delivery on orders over £50 ex VAT (UK Mainland)

Tip from CandleKing; Always use a suitable heat resistant holder when burning Nightlights.

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